Who We Are

Phyllis Pierce  

Phyllis Pierce – CEO & Founder

Phyllis Pierce never considered herself particularly lucky. Instead, she was inspired by Thomas Jefferson, who said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” Whether breaking into TV as a news reporter when stations in New England weren’t hiring – or arriving in Los Angeles without a single Hollywood connection and creating a successful production company, Phyllis has always believed she had to create her own luck.  She has leveraged this philosophy to launch several ventures beyond film and television. While in LA, Phyllis founded Apple Mountain Pie Company to capitalize on one of her favorite hobbies – baking. The company’s success was featured in local and national media including, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and NPR radio.  As founder of My Luck Club, Phyllis has received many accolades, including an award from the Connecticut Technology Council, funding from Connecticut Innovations’ TechStart Fund, and recognition from Women of Innovation for her leadership as an innovator, mentor and role model.  As a Luck Seeker™, Phyllis hopes to find a used kayak, a buyer for her golf clubs, and a really great dog sitter.



Gleb Popov  

Gleb Popov – CTO

Gleb Popov brings more than ten years of technical leadership implementing software applications and solutions using .NET, JavaEE, and PHP platforms and mobile technologies (iOS and Android).   He has been recognized for his  award-winning healthcare solutions. Gleb also writes for Wired Innovation Insights blog (http://insights.wired.com/profile/GlebPopov) and has been featured on Huffington Post Live.
From the very first wireframe when My Luck Club was just an infant, Gleb and his team have worked diligently to build a robust and scalable site.   No matter what the hurdle – he always manages to tackle it successfully.  Not surprising, since Gleb is a Tough Mudder competitor.   Billed as “the toughest event on the planet,” Tough Mudder is a hardcore 10 to 12 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces to test strength, stamina and mental grit. As a Luck Seeker™, Gleb hopes to find the largest water bottle ever known to man.

Marc Rubin  

Marc Rubin – Advisor

With 25 years experience as a CIO, COO, CTO and other hands-on leadership roles, Marc has a soft spot for start-ups   He’s incredibly generous with his free time and has advised My Luck Club on site development, technical, business development and operational issues. As a Luck Seeker™, Marc hopes to find a good home for a recently received birthday present (an Apple IIC that was supposed to have been an Apple II).
Read more about Marc at http://www.linkedin.com/in/marcr63 or http://www.innovation-in-action.com.


Peter Carnes  

Peter Carnes – Financial Advisor

A graduate of Yale University and Stanford Graduate School of Business, Peter Carnes has spent 50 years in a wide range of financial and general management roles. He has held senior positions with a leading transportation company as well as major commercial and investment banks. The latter half of his business experience has been spent in entrepreneurial situations. Peter has burned the midnight oil assisting My Luck Club with business plans, financial affairs and strategic planning.  

Eric Mollo – Intern

Eric is entering his senior year at Fordham University and often writes for New York’s public radio station  WFUV.   As a Luck Seeker™, Eric is posting a reward to help find used textbooks for his senior year.  He is also offering a reward to the person (Luck Maker™) who helps him sell his old textbooks that he doesn’t need anymore.

Chris Anderson – Intern

Chris Anderson is in his junior at Fordham University and looks forward to a career in marketing, advertising and public relations.   Chris has always wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself, and is very excited to intern for My Luck Club. In his spare time, Chris can often be found in the mountains, tending to his seven horses and three dogs.